Monkey’s Trip

New EP !!!!!! listen to it in the Music page


Great review from the movie Maudit! and interview with his director Emmanuel Parraud about his work and also about my collaboration for the soundtrack !!!(article in French)

(you can listen and see some clips from the movie in the Soundtracks page)


New video clip for the track HYPNOTISADO first tack from the forthcoming EP MONKEY’s TRIP (find it in the video page)


Welcome In the NIMKO’s website , you can see some music vidéo clip in Video , discover samples from his work on movie original soundtracks in Soundtracks, and naturally listen to his music in Music ! Have a nice trip !


the track CUBE ( listen it in Music ) is use in the play « Perspective de fuite » creation of Laurent Papot , production by the CDN of Orléans. ( January 2020)